Niche Interiors offers clients a unique and innovative way of transforming a room, home, office, hotel or restaurant in a classic and glamorous style. Bringing in elements, textures, patterns and styles that the client will love, each project reflects the client’s personal style while still featuring modern, clean and simplistic features.

Every client project that Niche takes on is viewed in a completely unique and personal way, with Judith Hendry being directly involved from the beginning. Every aspect of the client and the space which is to be transformed is taken into account, including personal preferences, angles, lighting, and styles, and Judith is always sensitive to the architectural style. Niche Interiors offers an interior design style that is both classic and timeless in every way.

Interior Design & Décor

Niche Interiors offers an interior design and décor service, including:

  • Selection and development of interior art and style
  • Accessory collection
  • Colour consulting, including the analysis of a space’s mood and lighting elements

Residential & Corporate Styling

For residential and corporate clients, Niche Interiors offers the following services:

  • Home styling
  • Corporate environments, including offices, receptions, and meeting rooms
  • Residential home staging for high-end clients and show houses

Property Developments

For new property developments, Niche Interiors offers the following services to elevate each property within the development:

  • Interior moods
  • Finishes and planning
  • Layout planning
  • Finishes collections